Giveaway Competition Winner

Very pleased to say the winner of the competition to win The Songlines Collection is Liz Agnew!!! Congratulations Liz, the collection will be in your Ravelry Library in the next few day. 

For those that didn’t win you have another chance to win on Brenda’s blog here. Don’t forget you can buy the collection or the individual patterns plus a fabulous selection of other designs by Ambah here on her Ravelry page. 


Next weeks blog post will be about upcoming designs, check back as there will be another giveaway in November. 

Happy Knitting All. 

Competition Time

Even though I design patterns myself, I still love using other designers patterns. This post is part of the blog tour for the fabulous new release of ” The Songlines Collection” by Ambah O’Brien. 
Click for details Songlines Collection   
It’s a beautiful collection, this is the background for the designs 

The Aboriginal peoples of Australia traversed hundreds of kilometers of the continent. In place of maps, they composed rhythmic songs whose tunes mapped out the contours of the land. These songlines, also called dreaming tracks, carried them safely across the Australian desert and home again. The Songline Collection is inspired by the twists and turns of these melodies. Because everyone’s journey is individual, color choices and how you combine them, allow you to create out of any one of these patterns a dreaming track that is very specifically yours. It will be great to take along on your own personal journey.”

This blog tour that we are having is to give you a chance to win the collection of patterns. So between from today till 16/10/15 at 6pm BST, you can enter the competition by leaving a comment below, tell me which of the shawls you would make first. You will also be able to get extra entries by liking my post on my Facebook page KarenBDesigns

Good luck to everyone, I will announce the winner here after the closing time, share this with your friends. 

Thanks Karen. 

Am Back !!!!! 

I have been off the blog radar for a while I have been busy working away. I have been designing & knitting lots of new designs that you will see getting released over the coming months.

I also decided to learn something new so have been taking a quilting class, needless to say it’s not a straight forward thing & has encountered a lot of ermmm choice words, stabbing of fingers & unpicking stitches lol. But hopefully will have my first quilt finished!! 
Well will sign off for now but keep an eye out later in the day will be posting about a competition to win a collection of fab shawl designs….

Making Monday

I haven’t done a Making Monday blog post before but have decided as it’s been a busy knitty day to do one.

Firstly I knitted a cabled neckwarmer in Eden Cottage Langdale Aran in Buddleja beautiful yarn to work with.


Also I have been working on a cardigan using Artesano Yarns British BFL DK, another fabulous yarn to work with.


The 3rd project I have been working with today is a shawl design from Natalie Fergie – The YarnYard a beautiful 4ply yarn Pioneer 1, it’s knitting up beautifully and has a lovely stitch definition.

So am now going to take myself and my knitting off to bed, as was up far too early this morning again (4am), will sit and knit till I likely nod off with my knitting in my hands, luckily have a very kind hubby that will prise the knitting carefully out my hands and put it to the side 😊

New Design Releases

Have released 2 new designs on Ravelry today, Winterberry Hat & Cowl Set and Twisted Cabled Cowl. These were knitted in Langdale Aran by Eden Cottage Yarn



These can be purchased from my Ravelry Store

Also special promotion is that for every pattern sold till 31/08/13 £1 will be donated to the Save Mutonia fund, you can find all the info here on her blog, a worthwhile cause to save an artistic site .

Pilkington Cardigan

Today I am releasing my very first cardigan design Pilkington Cardigan, it was knitted in Bowland DK from Eden Cottage Yarns, where Vikki was so kind to offer yarn support to my very first to be published design. Knit Now magazine commissioned this cardigan and it appeared in their issue 17 January 2013.

Today I am releasing the pattern for sale on Ravelry at the special offer price of £4.00, 20% off till 7/07/13, when its out 6th wedding anniversary and to celebrate I couldn’t do all that I want to without the fantastic support of my Husband Tony, he puts up will yarn all over the house and me sitting up all night working on deadlines or even worse waking up in the middle of the night sticking the light on to scribble down some idea that’s just popped into my head lol.



You are able to purchase this pattern here on Ravelry . You will also be able to purchase the pattern at Woolfest from Eden Cottage Yarns stand, where you might be able to see the cardigan, and the beautiful range of Bowland DK

I would like to say a massive thanks to Vikki from Eden Cottage Yarns for supporting through this process and to Ruth (@rockandpurl on twitter) for that final push and encouraged me to submit to magazines. Also that’s to the many designers on Ravelry that said to go for it. I have been lucky and have had 3 different items published and they too will shortly be able to purchase .

Exciting new product for your knitty garments

The postman has brought me a new secret weapon to make all my wooly garments soft and smell beautiful. I have received all the way from US Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl, it smells beautiful, a lanolin enriched concentrate with jasmine oil. I had to try this out immediately, had my latest scarf design just off the needles, I put it into the basin and let it soak, the smell off the basin was dreamy and when I took it out, my scarf was so soft. It’s now finished drying and it’s great lovely soft and has a great scent off it.

The good thing is that it can also be used in the washing machines with your woollens, oh can see a weekend of washing all my jumpers lol.

Check out all the details of Wrapture here and also all the patterns , yarn and DVD at Styled By Kristin .

Fabulous designers out there

Being a new designer, I have gained inspiration from some fabulous designers out there. Today I want to share a fab designer with you, her name is Ruth and you can find her on Ravelry here . I can confess that I have a number of her designs in my library and queue, she caters for all sizes in her patterns, which for myself being larger than the average model it’s great to find someone who offers fab,current and great patterns for all. Ruth’s patterns are easy to follow and everything is explained step by step if needed.

When I debated on releasing my own designs and put them forward to magazines for consideration, Ruth was great with help and encouragement with the gentle push in the right direction, and I am so thankful that she did and it paid off. I am also currently doing her grading course and the things I am learning, have helped to switch the light bulb on in my head for a number of things.

Ruth gave me the chance to knit one if her latest designs as sample for her, she released Aitana in August and I have just finished knitting it, another great design and the pattern allows you to factor your own shape and size to give you the best fit for this hooded jacket, that has a split hood that you can un-pop and it gives a lovely collar effect.

My youngest daughter is the perfect size for trying on the sample knits, only problem is getting them back off her again, and have to promise to knit her one ( another to add to the long list that she has lol )

Aitana was knit in Lorna’s Laces Sportmate, a yarn not readily available here in the UK, but it is a fab yarn to knit with gives a lovely drape to the jacket and has that silky feeling when wearing it. I think we will need to do some persuading to get more yarn stockists here in the UK to start stocking it.

Well am looking forward to my next sample knit for Ruth Chambourcinand again knitted in fab Lornas Lace yarn called Solemate , so looking forward to casting and I guarantee I will have to wrestle it off my daughter again !!!!

Check our Ruth’s designs here and find her on twitter @rockandpurl


Yarn Review of Bowland DK by Eden Cottage Yarns

I have used a few of Vikki Magnus’s beautiful hand dyed yarns over the last few years, and as I have started designing had an idea that I voiced to Vikki and she suggested using Bowland DK Superwash BFL.

I received a skein to allow me to work my swatch and I loved the feel, and how it beautifully showed of the detail in the design. I was lucky then to have this garment accepted by Knit Now magazine and Vikki so kindly supplied the yarn for the project, and it was a newer softer version of the Bowland DK Superwash 100% BFL, in a beautiful shade of red called “Carnelian”.

I have just cast off today, and the finished garment coming up in a future issue of Knit Now looks fab, the beautiful feel to the yarn and the lovely stitch definition really shows up well. Also the way Vikki dyes her yarn you never get any bleed of colour onto your hands or needles.

My youngest daughter modelled so I could check the sizing and finish of the garment and loved the design but more so loved the yarn and has requested one in the exact same size and colour, which for a 17yr old that buys all her clothes in the sort of designer type shops, this is a major breakthrough, and it’s all down to the beautiful yarn, skilfully dyed by the wonderful Vikki Magnus of Eden Cottage Yarns. I urge you to check out her website Eden Cottage Yarns


My First Published Design

I recently with the encouragement of some fab designers decided to submit some designs to knitting magazines. My first submission was to Yarnwise that has newly been taken over by Tailor Made Publishing, and was delighted to receive an email from Zoe the editor that they wanted to commission my cabled hat and cowl design. I was so excited with this, they sent me yarn to knit up the samples, beautiful Lang’s Carpe Diem, a fab Aran weight yarn.

This week was the release of issue 53 of Yarnwise and right there on page 91 was my Winterberry Hat and Cowl set, excited was not the word. I hope folks that buy the magazine enjoy knitting the set.